How to Create System Folders

With the introduction of the new "Expert Mode" in System Selector, systems are now saved in text files in a special sub folder called "Systems". This sub folder resides in the program's main folder.

Bet Selector by default is installed in a folder called "Price" on your main hard disk drive so if your main hard drive is C then Bet Selector will be installed in C:\Price and your "Systems" sub folder will be C:\Price\Systems. For the purpose of the examples in the rest of this post it will be assumed your Price folder is on drive C at C:\Price.

Note when installing Bet Selector it is recommended that you stick with the default location because if you change the location and later forget it then you will have problems when installing future updates. Note also the "Systems" sub folder sits alongside the sub folders that are used for each year for which you have meeting downloads (eg C:\Price\2013, C:\Price\2012 etc).

To make systems easier to find, the new "Systems" sub folder itself contains sub folders allowing you to sort your systems into groups (the equivalent of Listnames in the old System Selector). The default location (created automatically by the program) is a folder called "My Systems" located at C:\Price\Systems\My Systems. This is where systems are saved when you use the "Add Blank System" button until such time as you create and select a different folder.

You can add as many folders as you like alongside the "My Systems" folder. For example if you add a folder called "Test Systems" you will end up with C:\Price\Systems\Test Systems.

Please note you can use the "Copy/Rename Systems, Add New Folder" button at the top of the System Selector window to manage the text based system files and to add new folders. Clicking this button pops up a Windows Open File dialogue pointing to the Systems sub folder. You will see towards the right top of this dialogue a "Create New Folder" button which creates a new folder that can be renamed to whatever you like. You can also create a new folder by right mouse clicking in the file/folder list part of the dialogue and selecting New Folder off the pop up menu.

Once a new folder has been created and given a name you can close the Open File dialogue and you can then select the new folder name via the top left drop down on the System Selector window. Then you can use the "Add Blank System" button to add a new system to this folder.

Note you can also use Windows Explorer (Widows key + "E") to explore to the Price/Systems folder and then add new folders. You can also use this approach to copy and create system files but note they may not refresh within Bet Selector unless you close and re-open the System Selector part of the program..

Important: Please note if backing up you must keep a copy of everything (files and sub folders) in the Price folder - keeping just the sub folders will not be sufficient to restore a working copy of the program with all your past data and systems.