New Features in Pro 3.0

Coming in July 2021, Bet Selector Professional 3.0 will include new weight ratings in addition to its well established class and time ratings.

These new weight ratings can be viewed in Price Predictor and can also be tested in the Expert Mode part of the new Professional 3.0 program.

Following is some advanced documentation to give you an idea of what will be available and to assist those of you who may have been lucky enough to secure an early release version.

Viewing the new weight ratings

The new weight ratings can be viewed on the main Price Predictor screen but for more detail are best viewed in the Extra Form HTML form guides as follows. Just go to Price Predictor off the pull down RUN menu in the program, select a meeting and click the VIEW EXTRA FORM button.

When looking at the field section for a race you will see three sets of ratings, first the Class Ratings, next the Time Ratings and finally the new Weight Ratings. Note that within each set of ratings there are Main, Better and Plus variants giving a total of 9 sets of ratings (3 for Class, 3 for Time and 3 for Weight).

Looking further down the page you will see the past form lines for each horse with ratings in the far left columns. You will see three columns of past performance ratings labelled as follows:

CRTG - past class ratings
TRTG - past time ratings
WTRG - past weight ratings (new)

Further to the right you will see the following headings:

AVB - the class value of the past race used to calculate past class ratings
DEF - the default class value of the past race used to calculate past weight ratings (new)

The AVB figures are the familiar AVBASE class figures used for class ratings (they can be thought of as a field strength based on the average of the time performance ratings of all horses in the race). The default DEF figures are based on a new table of classes that are hard coded into the program - they are the secret to the success of these new ratings and are based on the official race class and adjusted for things like day of the week, venue, prizemoney, age restriction and more.

System testing the new weight ratings

The new weight ratings can be tested in the Expert Mode part of System Selector. The variables available for this are as follows:

WGT1R – New WGT Main Ratings Rank
WGT2R – New WGT Better Ratings Rank
WGT3R – New WGT Plus Ratings Rank
WGT1V – New WGT Main Ratings Value
WGT2V – New WGT Better Ratings Value
WGT3V – New WGT Plus Ratings Value
WGT1P – New WGT Main Ratings Price
WGT2P – New WGT Better Ratings Price
WGT3P – New WGT Plus Ratings Price

So to test for the top Main weight rating horse you would use this rule:


If you try the above test you will confirm these new ratings are just as good as the existing ratings striking at just over 26% which is roughly the same as the class ratings and slightly better than the time ratings. Of course they do not always pick the same winners and this is the real benefit of using them as you will be able to pick more winners than users of older versions of the program.

Note also there is a new variable AVBDEF which gives you the default class value for each race as used for the weight ratings.